Danyal S x !Noah x Diamira Beats

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2 min readApr 21, 2022


Danyal S brings a hot off the press and energetic ambience to the underground hip-hop scene, Dropping this collaboration with his fellow rapper !Noah to make a hype anthem. !Noah starts of this song by making it clear-cut that he loves Murakami. !Noah shows off this in his day to day life as-well on his instagram page @Noahm4444 , whether it’s the Murakami flower pillow or the overall aesthetic he makes flaunt what he represents in his music along with the visuals. Starting with a mesmerizing loop !Noah begins to float gracefully on this classic Diamira production rapping about his “Anti-Socialness” and going to Neon (A Mind-state as he likes to call it) which is a prevailing theme in his refreshing discography. Around the 30 seconds mark Danyal S appears with one of his Catchiest hooks stating “ You need to learn some Common Sense/ I been hanging where the commas been” completely encapsulating the energy of a hotshot. informing the populace that he’s inclined to only be seen around people who are affluent. Commas being referred to as someone who makes 6 figures per usual.

“When you make money your bank account starts adding up those commas.”

Exclusive Fun Fact:

Diamira asked for the stems for this song which was already done, He took Danyal’s vocals and then reproduced a whole new beat which then later got sent to !Noah. He also helped engineer this record.

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