Exotic! — CNTRL X Moxas

The Hitmaking Duo

Barton A. Richard
2 min readApr 23, 2022

If you’ve been a fan of CNTRL for long time now you know that he is someone who does not shy away from collaborating with many different multi-faceted artists, ranging from rappers, singers or producers. The first thing you will notice when listening to this song is the Exotic hard hitting beat produced by the one and only Morteh. The production choice stood out as unparalleled. CNTRL & Moxas is a duo you just can’t get enough of. CNTRL makes an exhibit with his wordplay /rhyme scheme skills giving Moxas the perfect opportunity to rebound with the same intensity and boastful lyrics. This only captivates the listeners to keep bumping this track on a constant loop which is evident as currently this song has soared to 50,000 + streams on Spotify. Which only comes in handy in proving their ability to steam out great music together. CNTRL’s Exotic! is currently sitting at the number 2 spot in the Spotify popular section.

The cover art was just as prominent as the production which was made by Chaztherealest who has a very unique twist to the way he brings about his art.

This isn’t the only song that this lyrical pair has formed together. At present they have another collaboration titled BitchNoWay! which is currently soaring up past 200,000 streams.

Stream Exotic! by Control, Moxas here:

CNTRL on instagram: @cntrltheartist

Producer: @M.orteh

Cover Artist: @Chaztherealest

Animations/Visualizer : @Danyals.GFX

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